Our Engagement Models

At Krave Kafe, we recognize the importance of effective engagement models in creating meaningful connections with our customers, franchisees, and strategic partners. Our engagement strategies are designed to promote transparency, communication, and collaboration at every touchpoint of the customer journey. Based on the needs of the market, we have created the following engagement models for you to collaborate with us.

Company Owned

Franchise Model

Revenue/Profit Sharing

Company Owned

Krave Kafe will invest in Capex and Opex of the café & restaurant.  To Showcase the expertise of designing, staffing, supply chain management, marketing, customer experience and last but not the least making profits while running the cafes & restaurant, Krave Café will own at least one café & restaurant in cities to set the benchmark for the Franchise.

Comprehensive Benchmarking

To demonstrate the pinnacle of our operational excellence and serve as models for franchisees to emulate.

Strategic Leadership

To help innovate and adapt our strategies to stay ahead of industry trends and exceed customer expectations

Continuous Improvement

To ensure that we remain at the forefront of the industry and continue to deliver exceptional experiences to our customers.

Showcase Expertise

With a focus on showcasing our expertise in various aspects of cafe and restaurant management

Franchise Model

Krave Kafe extends franchise opportunities for successful cafe brands, allowing entrepreneurs to join our thriving network. This model enables brand expansion, leveraging our established systems, support, and branding
to ensure the success of new ventures.

Proven Systems & Support

Our comprehensive support network provides guidance, training, and assistance at every stage of the franchise journey.

Established Branding

Our branding efforts ensure that new ventures are well-positioned for success from the outset.

Shared Succes

Our cimmitment is towards fostering mutually beneficial relationships with our franchise partners, sharing in their successes

Brand Expansion

The franchise model facilitates rapid expansion by leveraging our established systems, support infrastructure and strong branding.

Revenue/Profit Sharing

Under this collaborative model, Krave Kafe partners with cafe owners, sharing expertise and resources to enhance profitability. Through strategic advisory services, we work hand-in-hand with owners to overcome challenges and drive sustainable growth, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship

Mutually Beneficial Relationship

By aligning our interests , we create a partnership that drives both financial prosperity and operational excellence.

Continuous Support & Collaboration

We provide ongoing support, guidance, and collaboration to ensure long-term success and sustainability for both parties involved.

Expertise & Resources Sharing

From operational insights to marketing strategies, we provide valuable guidance and support to drive growth and success.

Flexibility & Adaptability

We tailor our approach to accommodate individual goals, and market conditions, maximizing the potential for success.

Other Services

Our expertise lies in providing full stack services for the hospitality industry. Out in-house team of experts can deliver quality services to you across multiple areas.

New Cafe & Restaurant Setup

We will help you with end to end services for setting up a new establishment.


Liaising to procure licenses based on the type of the establishment.

Digitial Marketing

Marketing services to help you reach to your right audience.

Interior Design & Implementation

Research based suggestions
and strategies


Procuring the right equipment at the right price.


atering and other allied services for all kinds of events.

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